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tv   CBS Evening News With Katie Couric  CBS  September 22, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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entrance. >> that is it. >> he made one. thanks for that. that's it for us. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next, followed by 9news now at 7:00 with derrick. i can tell you, have a great night. >> couric: tonight, the southeast in deep, deep trouble. floodwaters from days of torrential rain force hundreds to evacuate their homes. i'm katie couric. also tonight, one of the most controversial voices in america. >> this guy is, i believe, a racist. >> couric: are you sorry you said that at small >> i'm sorry the way it was phrased. >> couric: he writes the nation's tax laws, so how did charles rangel forget to tell congress about hundreds of thousands in personal income? and from the house floor to the dance floor, tom delay like you've never seen him before.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. a disaster is unfolding tonight in parts of the southeast. entire neighborhoods are underwater. at least nine people have died in some of the worst flooding there in decades. since saturday, some towns have had more than 18 inches of rain, you have no turn tiny streams into raging rivers. georgia was hit hardest with more than a thousand homes flooded. tonight, mark strassmann is in douglas county just outside atlanta. and, mark, some people could be out of their homes for quite a while. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, katie. take a look. this disaster for those flood victims is sinking into just like the water into these buildings and communities like this one where people had to get out, they're now being told to stay out. just outside atlanta, families like the patels woke up in crisis.
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until help arrived, they were trapped. four feet of water outside their house and six feet of water inside. >> when the light came, i called 911 and got out. >> reporter: scary? >> oh, yes. no doubt. >> reporter: across the street, fred doyle planted a flag on his front lawn. if the water got to here... >> if the water got this marker period, it's time to go. it came to there. >> reporter: rains were so relentless, meteorologists described them as a once in a century event. at least eight georgeians died, among them a toddler swept from his father's arms after a surging creek crushed their mobile home. two-year-old slade crawford's body was found several hours later. >> this was just a freak accident. we don't understand why it happened and i guess we never will. >> reporter: murky brown water swamped neighborhoods and turned six flags into a water park that no one thought looked like fun. how much rain? west of atlanta saw two inches
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on saturday, 14 inches on sunday almost two more yesterday. in all, a foot and a half of rain in three days. what >> what's going on is basically a squeeze play when you talk about it meteorologically. the low has been stalled over louisiana for the better part of a week and high pressure has been sitting over the northeast and it's just continuing to rain in the same spot. >> reporter: stormy misery washed across america. near chattanooga, 120 people were evacuated from this senior center. an oklahoma woman tried to drive around barriers on a closed road, a mistake she realize too old late. >> they just told me my roof washed away. >> reporter: around atlanta, hardest hit, evacuees wondered how to start over. >> we lost everything. i got eight garbage bags of stuff and that's all we got. >> reporter: through their tears the patels know they were lucky. they just never dreamed water could rise so fast. this is a financial disaster, too, for many of these victims. many of their neighborhoods have never been underwater before and so they never even dreamed of
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buying flood insurance. katie? >> couric: mark, what a terrible mess. but it looks pretty sunny there now. do you know what the forecast is for the next few days? >> about a 40% chance of rain tomorrow, katie, just like today and again just like today they could really use a break from the weather tomorrow. >> couric: absolutely. mark strassmann. mark, thanks so much. meanwhile, here in new york today security was noticeably tight as world leaders gathered at the united nations, and the investigation continued into what officials believe was a plot to attack the city. america's top law enforcement officer believes that threat was very serious. here's our chief investigative correspondent armen keteyian. >> reporter: as police and the f.b.i. worked to unravel a possible terror plot, cbs news has learned that the hunt is on to see if terrorists have stored a cache of explosives somewhere in new york city. in an exclusive interview with "60 minutes," attorney general eric holder told correspondent steve kroft just how urgent the threat was. >> i think we've disrupted, that
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was the plan. and it's not totally clear to us at this point what it is they had in mind, though i think it is clear that something very serious and something very organized was under way. >> reporter: in searching for answers, investigators hit more apartments and storage facilities in the borough of queens. part of the ever-expanding probe to identify those connected with zazi, now in jail in colorado. in new york, n.y.p.d.'s so-called hercules teams, heavily armed squads, were making their presence known on city streets. all this is more than as more than 150 world leaders poured into the city for the opening session of the u.n. general assembly tomorrow. >> our operating premise here is that the city is at the top of the terrorist target list. that there are always those people that want to come here and hurt us. >> reporter: while no specific terrorist plot has been identified, the department of homeland security has been issuing bulletins to transit systems, hotels, and supports stadiums over the past few days, urging them to raise awareness
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and readiness. >> i think you're going to see a general heightening of security in a variety of areas. >> reporter: there were no new arrests today in the terror probe, but sources tell cbs news the f.b.i. is closely watching as many as a dozen people, katie. >> couric: armen keteyian, armen thank you. among the world leaders here in new york is president obama, making his u.n. debut today at a world conference on climate change. our chief white house correspondent chip reid is at the u.n. tonight. chip, can the president be anything other than the center of attention? can he do more with that? >> he sure would like to be, katie. you know, at every international summit he has attended he has& been the most popular person in the room. but now many people are asking "what good is popularity if it doesn't lead to concrete results?" after eight months in office, he's still the darling of the international community. warmly welcomed by a world that grew weary of president bush's brash go it alone style.
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in a sharp departure, president obama has recommitted the united states to working with the u.n. and engaging the world. >> this is a new day. it is a new era. >> reporter: but with scant progress on a long his of issues, the question now is what does he have to show for it? take middle east peace. >> it is past time to talk about starting negotiations. it is time to move forward. >> reporter: after months of behind-the-scenes work, the president orchestrated a mini summit today with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas, but in the end, the result was a hand shake not a break through. he also met with chinese president hu jintao, but there was no word of progress on diffusing major trade disputes. mr. obama has reached out to rogue nations like iran, but that hasn't stopped president ahmadinejad-- who who speaks at the u.n. tomorrow-- from pursuing a nuclear program. >> the president runs the risk that the images out of new york will be a symbol of his attempts
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to reach out to rogue regimes in a way that may not be effective. >> reporter: one issue getting little attention at the u.n. summit is the war in afghanistan. today in washington, though, senator john mccain lashed out at the president for not sending more troops, which his top general there says is essential for success. >> i have never seen a disconnect like this between the military leadership and the white house on an issue. >> reporter: there are two very busy days still to go in this summit, but the white house is actively down playing expectations because they concede there won't be much in the way of immediate results. katie? >> couric: chip reid, thanks, chip. before flying to the u.s., iran's president was talking tough at a military parade in tehran, marking the 29th anniversary of the iran/iraq war mahmoud ahmadinejad warned that his forces will "cut the hand of anyone who attacks iran over its nuclear program." but the display of force turned
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tragic when a military jet crashed south of the city. seven people were killed. by the way, before president ahmadinejad talks to the u.n. tomorrow, he'll talk with us. i'll have v that exclusive interview on tomorrow's "cbs evening news." and coming up next tonight, he uses his big voice, he says, to speak for the little people. one on one with glen beck. announcer: cialis asks, when is it time to get out of those tubs? when we want. when we're in the mood. it's our choice. announcer: today, guys with erectile dysfunction can be ready with another dosing option from cialis. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. so relax and take your time. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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>> couric: sure is a lot of anger out there. we've seen it at tea party protests and health care town meetings on cable news and talk radio. and whether he's channeling that anger or stirring it up, 45-year-old glenn beck is certainly capitalizing on it. more than nine million people listen to him each week on radio as many as three million watch him everyday on fox news. but is he a mad man as "time" magazine brands him? is he bad for america? we talked with glenn beck. >> there's nothing quite as stunning as seeing your face on the cover of "time" magazine. >> couric: and a very flattering shot, i might add. these days, there's no escaping glenn beck. >> the third most listened to show in all of america. hello! >> couric: his face is everywhereened his politics are in yours. >> maybe we should ask ourselves this question. >> couric: beck claim he is defies labels.
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you agree president obama on gay marriage. correct? >> uh-huh. >> couric: you think abortion should be illegal? >> yes. >> couric: you oppose a constitutional amendment banning flag burning. >> i collect flags. the most offensive thing you can do is burn one in disrespect. but that should be protected. >> couric: and perhaps most surprising was his confession about hillary clinton. >> i can't believe i'm saying this, i think i would have much preferred her as president and may have voted for her against john mccain. i think john mccain would have been worse. how about this? i think john mccain would have been worse for the country than barack obama. how's that? >> couric: his loudest rallying cry-- get big government out of our lives and give a voice to the little guy. >> the average person is tired. they're tired. and they've also come to a point where they no longer see our children or our children's children having the kind of opportunity in life that we have
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because we've spent ourself into oblivion. both sides have done it! it's got to stop! >> couric: beck has loved the spotlight since he was a boy growing up in washington state. he's open and often emotive about his hardships. his mother committed suicide when he was 13, which he said made him turn to drugs and alcohol. in the 1990s, he converted to mormonism. >> it helps me live my life in a sober way. >> couric:? why. >> it teaches know serve others. >> couric: and, according to beck, take republicans to task as often as democrats. after 20 years as a top 40 d.j., beck has brought his shock jock sensibility to the airwaves and people are listening. >> u.s.a.! >> couric: if there's a patron saint of the rallies railing against the obama administration it is undeniably glen beck. when you see posters... i'm curious, of president obama
6:45 pm
dressed like an african tribesman. >> haven't seen those posters. >> couric: or a poster of president obama with a hitler mustache. i'm curious, are you comfortable with that? does that make you uncomfortable? >> i'm as comfortable with that as i was when the people who are marching against the war were doing it with george w. bush. >> couric: but critics say beck's incendiary rhetoric makes them uncomfortable. you stand behind your assertion that in your view president obama is a racist? >> i believe that americans should ask themselves tough questions. if this guy is, i believe, a racist. >> couric: are you sorry you said that at all? >> i'm sorry the way it was phrased because i think everybody has to... living in a soundbite world is really a nasty place to live. and it is a serious question that i think needs serious
6:46 pm
discussion. >> couric: you've joked on your show about poisoning nancy pelosi. you've said there are people you want to hit on the head with a shovel, including congressman charlie rangel. now, i guess the question is do you ever feel like that crosses a line? are you... do you feel like that's part of your show business side? your sort of rodeo cowboy side? >> i am... have you asked jon stewart this question? i tamm other end of the spectrum. >> couric: do you consider yourself more like jon stewart than, say, a journalist? >> i consider myself... i'm not an a journalist. i'm an opinion guy. >> couric: and there are plenty of opinions about him. for his followers, he's an escape valve for their simmering anger and disillusionment. for his detractors, he's fanning the flames of ignorance and rage. but for now, people can agree on this: he's the most talked about talker around. glenn beck's new book "arguing
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with idiots" is published by simon & schuster which is owned by cbs. to see my complete conversation with beck, you can watch my new web show, it's called at katie couric, and you can find it coming up next, he's one of the most powerful members of congress. why did the aforementioned charles rangel underreport his assets by more than a million dollars? the osteoporosis treatment my doctor gives me once a year. my doctor says one iv of reclast can help protect me while i'm on-the-go for twelve months. how? well, reclast helps to restrengthen my bones to help make them resistant to fracture. and with reclast... well... no other osteoporosis treatment is approved to help protect in more places: hip, spine, even other bones. (announcer) you should not take reclast if you're on zometa, have low blood calcium, kidney problems or you're pregnant, plan to become pregnant
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key power broker has been notably absent. new york democrat charles rangel has had little to say on on the issue in recent weeks. he's kept a very low profile after admitting to some mind-boggling errors on his financial reports. sharyl attkisson follows the money. >> reporter: he's one of the most powerful and longest-serving members of congress, but today charles rangel is grabbing headlines for quite another reason, his dubious accounting. in new reports filed during the dead of summer recess, rangel 'fessed up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in income bank accounts and property he hadn't reported before. rangel of all people should know a thing or two about money, he heads the powerful house tax committee known as ways and means. >> they're responsible for the tax code and here he is saying he can't fill out his financial disclosure forms. >> reporter: two house ethics investigations are already chewing on a mound of allegations against rangel, failing to report rental income and pay taxes on a villa in the
6:51 pm
dominican republic. failing to report income from a condo sale in florida. accepting an improper deal to rent a group of harlem apartments. raising money for a charity in his name from donors with business interests before his committee. and violating a ban on lobbyist-paid trips. rangel has denied any wrongdoing. members of congress are supposed to disclose their assets in an annual report, and lying would be a federal crime. values are reported in ranges rather than exact numbers. rangel's original form for 2007 left off major assets he's now owned up to: stocks, bonds, property, and other investments. the biggest omissions were two large accounts worth a quarter to a half million dollars each. americans have to wonder, was that a willful failure to disclose or was that sloppy. if that is sloppy, how is it somebody forgets about a $150,000 checking account? >> reporter: there's evidence that rangel's troubles have become a liability for democrats though his committee is a key player in health care reform, he
6:52 pm
hasn't been placed in the usual front-and-center role. >> he can be a very visible, engaging personality. and the fact that he hasn't been as visible i think is telling. >> reporter: we asked every democrat on rangel's health subcommittee for an interview on his effectiveness in leading the committee, but none would talk with us. neither would house speaker nancy pelosi nor rangels number on two on the ways and means committee. rangel wouldn't talk with us, either. at this news conference last year, he was at times cavalier and defiant when pressed on one facet of the investigation. >> [no audio] i think... i really think you're being annoying now because you... you cannot be creative. >> reporter: the new disclosures put rangel's net assets of up to $2.5 million. that makes him worth up to twice what he originally claimed, except when it comes to political capital. sharyl attkisson, cbs news,
6:53 pm
washington. >> couric: now to los angeles and an allout attack on a violent street gang. hundreds of police raided homes arrested dozens of members of a gang called the avenues. the gang is accused of killing a sheriff's deputy last year. today a prosecutor called the avenues a criminal organization that has terrorize add community for generations. in other news tonight, a government report is giving us a new snapshot of america. for the first time, the census bureau asked people if they have health insurance and found that 45 million do not, including more than seven million children. the census figures also show that fewer people are moving, a sign of fewer job opportunities during this recession. and the percentage of the population that's foreign born fell in 2008, the first time that has happened in nearly 40 years. and coming up next, dancing with delay. exhibit she wants to see more
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and is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. activia light. ♪ activiaaa! >> couric: congress today debated the actions of one of its former members. was it a crime or did he acquit
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himself? well, we'll let you decide. nancy cordes now with a side of tom delay we've never seen before. >> reporter: it's a long way from the house floor to the dance floor. but don't tell that to tom delay whose exuberant hip shaking lip syncing cha-cha on "dancing with the stars" left his former colleagues captivated. >> (laughs) >> reporter: congressman henry cuellar gave his fellow texan a 7. he's into it, new >> he really is! he really is. >> reporter: republican ileana ros-lehtinen took issue with his technique. >> doing the cha-cha that? oh, maybe it's like a car accident. you just... you want to look away but you just can't! >> reporter: the former house majority leader was hardly a soft shoe in the halls of congress. >> you guys better get out of my way. >> reporter: where his nickname was "the hammer." his dancing debut marks a new stage for delay who exited the
6:58 pm
national spotlight in disgrace after being indicted for violating texas campaign laws. >> the man is back. i don't know what he's running for. >> reporter: one of the judges called delay's performance "half magic, half tragic." >> you are crazier than sarah palin! >> reporter: republican leaders didn't know quite what to call it. >> (laughs) >> reporter: but democrat dennis kucinich gained a new respect for his old foe. >> kind of a 21st century john travolta and fred astair wrapped into one. >> reporter: how does delay think he did? well, as he struted to the set today with his trademark bravado, the hammer declared... >> yeah, i nailed it. >> reporter: nancy cordes, cbs news, capitol hill. >> couric: wow. and that is the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm katie couric. thanks for watching. i'll see you tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> we are standing by for an update on a developing story out of metro. today the national transportation safety board issued urgent safety recommendations in response to june's deadly metro rail crash. while the exact cause is still under investigation, the ntsb identified signal failure as a major concern. nine sigh safety recommendations, some to metro. the agency wants metro to examine track circuits that may have a problem where the crash happened. a program to monitor electronic components t


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